Webinars: Visual Art, Resilience & Gestalt



Dr Ioannis Michalou(di)s, Visual Artist

Adjunct Professor at the International Space University in France,

Research Associate at NCSR Demokritos in Greece,

Fulbright Fellowship and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Postdoctorate Fellowship, NASA Lab 

Dr Ioannis Michalou(di)s participated in this video produced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab about the project Resilience Across Scale  2020 (https://www.media.mit.edu/projects/resilience-across-scales/overview/).

For Dr Michalou(di)s Resilience is a memory, the flexibility to return to the start.


The connection between Resilience, Art and Gestalt Therapy will be explored further in our webinar series. 

For more information and to participate please visit our professional development section Psychotherapy and Art.

Webinars: Cinema & Gestalt

Dr Michela Gecele, Psychiatrist and Gestalt Therapist

Director of the International Institute of Psychotherapy and Psychopathology

Turin, Italy


In this video Michela and Jelena are introducing our upcoming webinar series dedicated to Crime detective stories, thrillers and psychotherapy. 

For more information and to participate  please visit our professional development section Psychotherapy and Art.