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Self-awareness is key to living well

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Self-awareness is key to living well

Self-awareness is key to success. If you don't know what drives your actions, it will be difficult to keep developing and growing. However, when you gain a greater understanding of yourself, your strengths and values, you will be in a better position to cultivate positive development. The benefits of being self-aware are many.  The following are some of the reasons that research has shown as to why it is so important:

Making good decisions

Every choice we make in life will result in consequences. The more self-aware you are the greater the capacity you have to make choices that are right for you. It is not uncommon to see people finding themselves on paths that they had no intention on being on, or worse still, absolutely have no desire or passion for.


Living flexibly and adaptively

Do you ever find yourself reacting to situations or to people in ways that are not very useful, and wondering why you do that. This is because human beings are often in automatic mode. Old patterns of thinking, feeling and acting are well-entrenched. We are interpreting situations and interactions with others through our own particular filters (beliefs or assumptions). We don't always see things as they are. As we grow in self-awareness we can let go of patterns (including beliefs and assumptions) that are no longer useful for us.

Maturity and wisdom

Self-awareness is key to ongoing growth towards maturity and wisdom. Human beings have the capacity to keep developing their capacity to see, feel and act in ways that encompass greater levels of complexity. This growth in complexity is associated with growth in maturity and wisdom. This involves us having a good balance between self and other, co-operation and competition.


Better leadership

Self-awareness isn’t one of those big alluring leadership qualities like vision, charisma, strategic thinking or the ability to speak eloquently to an audience … but its importance cannot be underestimated. It is a subtle quality or capacity that enables the high-octane ones to work. To make the most of the music metaphor, self-awareness is like the conductor, without it, all the different elements cannot work together to produce their magic.

Who would benefit from Self-Awareness Coaching

If you are interested in improving your life and wellbeing

It is no exaggeration to say that self-awareness is key to wellbeing! Broadly speaking, self-awareness is about understanding your own needs, desires, habits, strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and everything else that makes you the unique individual that you are. It is also about seeing how others see you. When you have a better understanding of yourself, you are able to experience yourself as a unique individual. This empowers you to make changes and build on your areas of strength, as well as identify areas where you would like to make improvements. Also, the more you know about yourself, the better you are at adapting to life's changes.

Self-awareness is often the first step to setting goals. It helps you create achievable goals because you can consider your strengths, weaknesses, and what motivates and drives you. It allows you to guide yourself down a path that suits you by choosing to pursue the opportunities that best fit your abilities, preferences and tendencies. 

Self-awareness also helps in identifying what your stressors are, so you can utilize the information to build effective coping mechanisms and strengthen your resilience. Self-awareness makes it easier to identify situations and people that hit your triggers and enables you to anticipate your reactions. It allows you to make positive behavioural changes that can lead to greater personal and interpersonal success.

If you are interested in improving your leadership skills

We recently came across a study emphasising the importance of “self-awareness” as critical for successful leadership. The study examined 72 executives at public and private companies with revenues from $50 million to $5 billion. The finding that most resonated with us was this one:


“Leadership searches give short shrift to ‘self-awareness,’ which should actually be a top criterion. Interestingly, a high self-awareness score was the strongest predictor of overall success. This is not altogether surprising as executives who are aware of their weaknesses are often better able to hire subordinates who perform well in categories in which the leader lacks acumen. These leaders are also more able to entertain the idea that someone on their team may have an idea that is even better than their own.”


Our self-awareness coaching package uses an evidence-based approach to develop leader self-awareness. We use assessment results and conduct a series of short coaching sessions to heighten the leader’s strategic self-awareness – the understanding of one’s strengths, weaknesses, and behavioural tendencies, and how those strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies compare to those of others. The coach offers suggestions for behaviour changes geared toward increasing workplace performance and can act as a sounding board for progress.

If you are interested in giving your children a head start

Early childhood development has far-reaching effects on long term well-being. A community will never be stronger than the education it provides to its children. Thus it is essential to give students resources from an early age to help them face the challenges of the modern world. The education and entertainment currently directed at children often rely on simply capturing the child’s attention and can provide an endless source of hyper-stimulation. There is a need to counterbalance this hyper-stimulation with tools that ensure the healthy development of the whole child.


Drawing on research on childhood development and psychological health, our goal is to foster well-being in young children building a strong foundation for a happy and healthy life.

One-On-One Coaching Package

Self-Awareness Coaching

Our self-awareness package is for you if you’re ready to completely up-level your life and business. We start by sending you links to 2 psychological instruments and then organise to meet to talk through the results in detail. We will focus deeply on how to use your results to thrive.

Investment: $820

What’s included?
Completion of 2 psychological instruments
2 x One-on-one coaching sessions (conducted over a two week period)

What to expect

Psychological Instruments

Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive links to two psychological instruments. These instruments will uncover your personality, strengths and values. We will focus on the results of the instruments during our coaching sessions.

Coaching Sessions
Each coaching session is 60 minutes via phone/Skype. In person sessions are available, by negotiation, for Sydney based residents.

Extra Support & Resources

You will also receive access to free resources tailored to your particular needs. These resources take many forms such as worksheets detailing coaching tools to help you extend your learning and shared blog posts or videos that go deeper into something we’ve talked about during our sessions.

About your coaches

Despina and Jelena

We are PhD qualified psychologists, coaches, and researchers and we are passionate about self-awareness and wellbeing. Our extensive training in psychology means that we have the unique ability to understand human behaviour and we use this expertise to help people confront the complexities of a constantly changing world with greater skill, confidence, and success. We draw on our extensive knowledge of the most pertinent psychological and leadership theories and research to make complex and important ideas become accessible, useful and practical.

We offer concrete guidance and advice about how to develop your self-awareness and to help you set goals and formulate solid action plans. We offer advice on a range of topics including but not limited to: stress-management, the brain, the mind-body relationship, emotional intelligence, and many other subjects.


+ What is Self-Awareness coaching?

Self-Awareness Coaching is one on one video or phone session with your coach designed to help you get a deeper understanding of who you are and how others view you.

+ How long must I commit to working with a Self Awareness Coach?

You must commit to the full two sessions.

+ Do you have a refund policy?

Once payment is made, no refunds are possible.

+ Do you offer ongoing coaching?

Yes, we are qualified coaching psychologists who can coach on an ongoing basis.

+ Do you offer workshops?

Yes. We are happy to discuss this further. Please make contact via our email address and we will respond to you.